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The Best Way To Initiate A Conversation With Women

The Best Way To Initiate A Conversation With Women
What is the leading trouble men face when they want to approach a woman they find attractive? It is naturally, "what the heck do you say to her." What you say on first approach will make or break your pickup. What you say needs to be a perfect balance of charm, flirtiness, intelligence, humor, and need to open the door for more conversation while making the woman comfortable in speaking to you. Wow! No wonder most men have trouble talking to women. So what is the best way to start a conversation with a girl?

Pickup lines don't work!

A pickup line is most definitely not the best way. Pickup lines don't work. Every half wit knows that. Not only do they not work, they are a bright neon sign stamped on your forehead advertising your lack of creativity, intelligence, and shrieks BORING to women. Ask any woman if they would prefer a good looking uninteresting guy or an average looking interesting guy and you will be surprised at the answer.

Women look for VALUE in men. Not looks, or power, or chest/bicep measurements. For the purposes of approaching women, VALUE is anything that catches the girl's interest. And what catches a woman's interest is something that is distinct, interesting, and something uncommon.

Her life is already filled with uninteresting men and situations and if somebody like you saunters along and supplies value to her otherwise dull reality, you have value in her eyes. As soon as she sees you have value, you are virtually in and you are free to unleash your charm.

So what is the best way to initiate a conversation with a girl?

The best way to initiate a conversation with a girl is with what the pickup artists call opinion openers. An opinion opener is when you ask a girl her opinion or advise on some problem. You are essentially asking the girl's help.

On a psychological bynote, feeling useful and needed is one of the basics of human life. Not only do human beings like to be asked for their help and advise on something, they crave it and need it because it fills one of the important necessities of life. This is one of the secret psychological tricks pickup artists make use of to pickup beautiful women.

So what is an opinion opener.

One of the best and most effective opinion openers is the "I'm doing research" opener. A couple examples are:

Yo, I have a website called attractwomenreport and I'm writing a blog called, "What pretty women find attractive in men." What's your take on this subject matter?

Yo, can you help me out real quick? I'm doing my senior thesis on the attraction aspects between men and women. What do you look for in men?

Yo, I'm writing a blog about what turns off women. Can you help me out ?

Besides the "I'm doing research" opener, there are lots of different opinion openers you can apply and you can and should make up your own as the situation dictates. Every woman and scenario is different so you need to use your judgment and creativity to invent different ways to ask for help for different scenarios.

Opinion openers is a really powerful method that makes use of several psychological tricks to get women to open up and speak to you without it being an outright pickup. But naturally, you can have the best opening line on earth but it means nothing without the right delivery.

The opinion opener is but one part of the equation though ...

Bear in mind, communication is 55 % visual, 38 % tonal, and only 7 % actual words. So if your delivery sucks, what you say doesn't really matter. On the other hand, if you combine good delivery and confidence with the above "I'm doing research" opener, pretty girls will take numbers and wait in line to get a chance to speak to you.

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