Sunday, June 22, 2014

FB Gold Digger - DON'T BUY It Before You Read This
FB Gold Digger - DON'T BUY It Before You Read This
Because of the popularity of Facebook and the hundreds of thousands of opportunities that it can give, many online marketers are using Facebook ads to gain wider exposure and also grow their business. But Facebook is strict with regards to advertising and they won't accept just any kind of ads that people will place on their site, so you have to follow their rules.

Facebook is strict on everything you place on the ads, the texts words, symbols, images and everything. This is their way of making sure that you understand what you are trying to get across and also knowing what to expect out of these ads.Facebook advertising can give additional benefits to marketers aside from wide reach, and this is through its ad cost, which is cheaper compared to other ad campaigns.

FB Gold Digger is one of Chris X’s latest products for Facebook advertising. This guy has sold over 10 million in software products because what he and his team develops is just SO good and this one is certainly no different. Facebook is quickly gaining very impressive ground on it’s news feed ads due to the exposure it gets as well as its low cost and ability to narrow down your target audience tremendously.

FB Gold Digger is a software for users who want to monetize obviously with Facebook by getting buyer leads and traffic. What makes it unique and so very powerful is that it can put you right in front of people who have recently bought! The software offer other interesting features that I have not seen in ANY other tool currently available on the market. You can get a glimpse of it here.And don’t worry, you won’t get lost. It comes with 100 pages+ of training and 3 hours of videos.

You probably know that Facebook is the best source for traffic in 2014,with 1 billion daily users, it really is a Huge opportunity but there’s a big problem…with Facebook ads, you’re not advertising to buyers you’re advertising to people based on interests they “like”. And the problem with that is we don’t know which interests convert.

This software lets you enter buyer keywords and then goes out and search people on the fan pages which you define that have made comment using these words. You can only enter up to 20 fan pages for any niches, the software will subsequently visit the pages and collect all the people who left comments using the selected keywords. It then allows you use these buyer to start your Facebook advertising campaigns and to download the UIDs for them.Continue reading more in the article.

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