Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Benidorms water park
Benidorms water park
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Benidorm, Spain's most popular aquatic park is Aqualand with well over 150,000 square metres all created for everyone to experience all the kinds, sizes and speed levels fun slides.

There are actually great ranges of rides and lots of alternatives even the kids will enjoy.

The splashtastic Splash is probably the popular slides as it gives the sliders the feel of zero gravity at a top speed.

Speeding and criss crossing down and splashing into water, one could feel a different sensation in gliding down from other type of waterslide which is the zig-zag.

You may as well use rubber tires to slide off the glides, through rapids.

Aqualandia is the most amazing adventurous waterpark for kids both young and old and for everyone young in spirit.

One can calm down after adrenaline surges or before you start to try another plunge or have a soothing and relaxing soak in Grand Jacuzzi.

On top of that,a large pool for regular swimming is available.

Additionally, there are plenty to offer to the kids, there are small slides and shallow pools.

Target a major attraction gift shop for your souvenir buying or go and hunt for hard-core comfort delicacies like pizza and soft ice cream.

Come now to Aqualand in Benidorm, Spain if you enjoy water parks and spend valuable and worthwhile hours of fun.What are you waiting for?

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